I have to make sure it’s not giving up:

It’s July 26th. I decided to “temporarily” stop with a Master, and keep the option of going back to PhD later if I want.

Some agree, some not. I myself think this is the best thing right now I can do to myself. It’s a real alert for me to know that I have been not doing a good job at all. I have not been trying my best. I am not serious, not disciplined, not persistent… Too many NOTs I think.

But I have to accept that’s who I am. And NOT STOP there but FIX it.

I am sorry, Father. Your dream about me is not completed yet. I don’t know how long you’ll have to wait. But I believe you will support me in any of my decisions. I am sorry, Mother. For all you have done for me, for keeping you worried all the past time.

I ow you two, my advisor, and all my friends too for supporting me, encouraging me and I fail to meet your expectation now.

But I do have to make sure it’s not giving up.

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