I think I am very lucky. I have good parents, who always try to direct me to where they think is good for me.

I have not lots, but enough friends, each is unique, and all kind, all are dependable whenever I need help.

They are so distinct that many times I even feel like I am in the middle of the two worlds. Beside fighting with myself, I also struggle with different worlds created by my friends around themselves.

Me: i am quite compromising, too compromising at some point even. It’s not good. I am still learning how to say No.

One of  my friends: very absolute, perfectionist…

One of my friends: very kind, very considerate, and at the same time, not so impatient, not so tolerate…

Yes, I want to remind myself about this word:”tolerate”. As my student (Jodie Wright) told me, we need to learn how to tolerate. It seems we become less and less tolerate. This doesn’t mean compromising. This is not against making something perfect. But we need to be aware that sometime, things just can’t go perfect. Especially us, as human, we are never perfect in any sense. So learn to tolerate other people, take time to understand them, and to love them. With all your heart.

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