Keep an eye on me: 3rd day

The third day since I wrote to my advisor to ask for his help.We decided that it’s time for me to graduate. Putting off the idea I have been excitedly involved during the past two months or so, I have to go back to my proposal and focus on the first old idea paper.

Before meeting my advisor, I met a friend and we agree we both need to help each other, to make sure we are moving forward. So we said everyday, we’ll inform each other about the plan, and send the thing we commit before to each other by end of the day.

Monday: we did.

Tues: we both couldn’t manage to work as schedule. But promised to send each other this morning. I haven’t yet! Damn!

The third day but I haven’t really seen any changes from my side. I have been going to FB, checked my yahoo mail, reading blogs everywhere, and slept 5-6 hours, watching VN show on youtube. The actor in that show is very handsome, I like him so much that I keep watching.

Bottom line: I still can’t picture myself to graduate with a PhD degree by going like this.

PS. These days once again, the blogger community discussed about another take-away land incident (government decided to seize land from farmers for an eco-park project in Van Giang, Hung Yen). It’s actually been going on since 2004, suspended in 2006 because farmers protested against it.

This year, it is reported that most farmers accepted the compensation. Less than 200 HHs still refuse, saying that the compensation is too low compared to market price. The government finally decided to use both military, police, and armed forces to suppress farmers and took control of the disputed area.

Some farmers were reported injured and arrested. Local government officials insisted that what has been done has been done in the right way!!!

What will those newly landless farmers do after their land was taken away? Seems no official leaves any comment on that.

Other world news: Full Focus on Reuters (editors’ choice) shows nothing but a world of brutal chaos and violence, full of conflict over limited resources! Are we that greedy to suffer all this? Where has our kindness, our beautiful world gone?

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